3 Great Trekking Spots Near Mumbai

As the weekend approaches, a lot of us start looking for a trip to take over the two days. While some of us would love to go to a beach and spend our weekend relaxing, there are those adventure junkies among us, who would never turn down an opportunity to get the adrenaline rush. For these very people, there’s a lot of places for trekking around Mumbai.

We handpicked three trekking destinations just for all you Trekkies out there!

1. Raigad Fort, Mumbai


This fort was once the capital of the Maratha Empire, today is one of the most favorite trekking destinations for a trek. This fort is the most visited fort due to its medium difficulty level when it comes to trekking.

2. Mahuli Fort, Thane


Mahuli is one of the nearest forts to Mumbai, located in the Thane district. This is a very popular winter trek option and is also surrounded by an official sanctuary. Apart from the lush greenery everywhere, this is a very easy place to trek in.

3. Lohagad Fort, Mumbai


If you are a newbie when it comes to trekking, this is one trek that you need to go on most definitely. Apart from being very easy to trek, this fort has also been named as a protected fort by the Archaeological Survey Of India.