4 Indian Destinations That Give Hollywood A Run For Their Money

The world of movies, is a universe of millions and millions of different worlds, conjured out of imagination. Bollywood as a rule has always focused more on the characters of movies to show the various aspects of a person’s life. While on the other hand, Hollywood movies are more focused ¬†on the cinematography. There are experts behind the camera, who try to show the viewers a new different world, beyond imagination.

Hollywood has churned out such iconic movies, where the audiences were left spellbound, movies which remained forever etched in the minds of the audiences. So many of us would want to go and live inside of that movie, or just go visit the places where these movies were shot. But there is hardly a quarter of us who can relive those movie moments.

And for those of us who cannot, we bring to you four Indian Destinations, which can give these iconic Hollywood movie sets a run for their money.

1. Narnia


A whole world of snow and beautiful ice crystals, got immortalized in our memory through this movie. But you can definitely experience a bit of Narnia, in your own homeland. The snow capped landscape of Nainital, awaits to mesmerize you in the laps of the great Himalayas.