5 Indian Destinations That A GOT Fan Must Visit

Game of Thrones is the soon going to become the next Friends of this decade, at least that is what the die hard fans would agree to. This show spans the life of various royal families, in the fictional continents of Weteroes and Esos. The basic story line here is that all these families are locked into a battle for the Iron throne and the chance to rule over the seven kingdoms.

While the shooting of this show, took place all over the continents of Europe and America, but wouldn’t it be amazing if it was ever shot in India. While there is a lot of speculation about the next season that is due to release in June next year, there have been a lot of theories floating around about the same.

We found out some photos of Indian destinations, which could serve perfectly as locations to shoot Game of Thrones.

We definitely think all the GOT fans, out there must give a visit to these.