3 Destinations You Can Go Visit Now, Instead Of Saving For That Big Trip!

We Indians are always taken by how  much fun it would be to go to foreign, expensive lands for vacations. While there is nothing wrong with taking the vacation of your dreams, sometimes it so happens that you end up saving quite a lot for the same. What this leads to is you not being able to take shorter vacations in lieu of saving for that bigger, grander trip.

Here’s a list of three destinations you can visit instead of going to that big trip to Europe

1. Indonesia


A photogenic landscape and a lot of amazingly exciting activities like surfing, diving, floating and swimming can be done in this country. This tourist destination offers a lot of exciting opportunities and attractions  for tourists from volcanic tours to sightseeing of its cultural heritage and so on. The best part here is that Indians are usually offered a visa on arrival so you don’t need to have one already with you.

2. China


Did you know that China has a history of about 2,000 years when it comes to wine making? This is the newest destination of wine making on the eastern side of the globe. Also apart from this there are a lot of other culturally diverse activities and expeditions as well as palaces for you to go visit. Also apart from this, China has also pushed France to the third position when it comes to being the go-to place for wine tasting.

3. The Himalayas

The Himalayas

Dream about going for treks on the Swiss Alps? Why not go ahead and take an expedition to the Himalayas? There are a host of countries across which the the mighty mountain range lies from India to Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan and China, all of these countries make for amazing great snow capped mountain ranges which would give you an equal amount of adrenaline rush.