3 Of The Best Coffee Shops Around The World

While all of the travel lovers know that, its more about the journey than it is about the destination. While this might be true to some degree, it is also true that this journey sometimes becomes very taxing and results mostly in jet lag. And where there is jet lag there most definitely should be coffee; at least for those who love caffeine better than anything else. If you are among those kind of people, who can differentiate coffees just through their taste and prefer the beverage in all of its forms, then you must visit these three coffee shops which make it to the list of the top coffee serving cafes on the planet.

1. Tim Wendelboe, Oslo Norway


You don’t really need to taste the coffee of this cafe to know that it is one of the best, you can smell the aroma of freshly brewed coffee beans in the entire neighborhood. The award wining Barista’s cafe is both intimate and aromatic, another things that would attract all coffee aficionados is that the owner is soon planning to open his own coffee farm.

2. Sant’Eustachio Il Caffè in Rome, Italy



Here lies this cafe where actual magic takes place. These guys make your chocolaty espresso, behind a mystified wall and up the magic quotient. Although you can definitely take their coffee beans home, but you will never be able to replicate the in house experience.

3. 49th Parallel in Vancouver, Canada


These guys have got a number of fans of their freshly brewed coffees and espressos, they have a roastery in Vancouver and a number of shops over the world sell their coffee beans as well. The best part about this place is they offer doughnuts, but not just the mainstream kind; more like the seasonal ones with mango glaze and strawberry crumble.

Go cafe hopping and enjoy the best coffee experience.