4 Music Festivals Worth Travelling To In India

While India as a country is known for its majestic, historical monuments, its mountains, its beautiful beaches, there’s one more spectacular addition to this list. Music festivals, these indigenous, culturally rich, ethnic displays of the culture, both domestic and international; has been drawing music aficionados in droves, to these places. These music festivals happen almost all over the year, in different parts of the country and draw in huge crowds, for their amazing displays of musical talent.

Here’s popular music festivals, you should definitely visit for the love of travel!

1. Rajastan


This beautiful state hosts one of the most culturally rich music festivals in India. This music festival of Ragasthan, pulls in hordes of people to Jaisalmer every November. Starlit skies, unique ethic melodies, exotic locales, great food make this one of the best destinations to visit for both travelers as well as music lovers.

2. Mumbai


Mahindra Blues Festival is well known as one of  Asia’s largest and finest blues festivals. This festival is known for headlining the best talent in blues, both from India as well as abroad. This festival is hosted in the spectacularly beautiful city of Mumbai, in the month of February.

3. Pune, Banglore, Kolkata, Delhi

Pune, Banglore, Kolkata, Delhi

The NH7 Weekender, is one of the most famous music festivals, especially among the youth of the country. Apart from being the best organized Indie music festival, it is this mega party  of all the genres of music and international performances, all under one roof. The best part, this festival is hosted in the most exciting cities all around India.

4. Nashik


Great wine, amazingly soothing music, do you want anything more ever in life? The Sulafest held in Nashik is the absolute, amazing event full of fashion, music and leisure and pleasure. This is the best place for those who love good wine, good music and are looking for a place to rewind.

So go on out there and get some music vibes!