Are These Travel Destinations For Real?

Whenever we decide to take a travel trip, the first thing we do is go research online and try and find out which are some of the most trending places we could take that dream vacation to. While the vast network of the internet sometimes, we might end up looking for destinations which don’t really exist. These kinds of misunderstandings are courtesy the fact that a lot of people sometimes, tend to superimpose one image on another.

Here’s a few photos which would have been believed to be true, but in reality are not.

1.Destination 1


This photo claiming to be the castle island has forever been trending on the internet, in spite of being debunked. While this photo is not of any place in Dublin but in reality is two different places. These two places are about 12,000 km away from each other and one is a proper island, also known as the James Bond Island in Thailand and the other picture is of Lichtenstein Castle in Germany.