The History Of Travel

Every year, millions and millions of tourists travel across the world, but it is only in the recent years, that the travel industry has come to be accepted as something that would be suitable for the common public, as opposed to it being reserved just for the rich and mighty in the olden days. It is believed by a lot of researchers, that travel as it is seen today, only developed in the late 18th Century.

The history of travel actually dates back to the time when, the only humans roaming around the planet were known as the homo-sapiens, these very people gave into their curiosity and started climbing down from the treetops and walking on the ground. This curiosity and need to explore the world, of finding out how different things look, in different places and basically to step out and find out how the world is were few of the things which led us to travel across desserts and sea to settle into places. This need to travel was what gave birth to imperialism, colonialism and the flourishing and extensive trade network.

After this came the age where it was only the merchants and traders who traveled far and wide in search of beautiful, rich places. Soon the modern times came on and with the introduction of railways, a new revolution took place. While there was also a lot of encouragement given to this feeling of ‘travelling without a purpose’, the travelling part was a bit more cumbersome because of horse drawn carriages. With railways came a new era in travelling and with this were born, great travel companies like that of the Thomas cook.

These travel companies started offering pre-planned holiday packages, in those days with everything included from trains bookings to staying in hotels and inns. This was how the modern day travel began to evolve and gradually became what it is today. With the new technological developments and the need to go out and explore, nowadays we see a lot of people travelling from different countries and taking more trips in a year.  Thus what was done for sustenance in the old times, today is the most sought after recreational activity .