Travelling With A Baby, Done The Right Way

Today, everyone lives a very jam-packed , busy life. We’ve got deadlines that creep on us slow, tensions that mount higher with every minute and day. This is why lately a lot of people have started travelling, so as to battle the stress and have an aesthetic experience. Anything from a small trip to your grandmother’s for the weekend to extensive trips to fascinating foreign cities, qualify as travel.

As we look at the whole experience of travelling, by slicing down the different layers, we realize that there are certain norms, that exist. One thing that everyone wants to be included in their travel plans, is utmost calm and no disturbance at all. Long wait lines while getting reservations, delayed flights and cranky babies. A lot of people believe that travelling with a baby is not only irritating for the parent, but at times can be extremely annoying to others as well.

Although this might be true, in some cases; there are a lot of studies that prove that it is better to travel with your kids, than without them. This is exactly what these parents have done in this video, their kid who’s nearing about 2 years of age has already seen 17 countries all over the world.

Now, isn’t this the kind of travel goal, every parent would wish for?