Interesting Facts About Some Of The Favorite Tourist Destinations

Everyone who travels, does so to explore the world, to see and experience new things. While you might think that you have done a lot of travelling, there would still be so many places you wouldn’t have explored, so many cultures, that you have no idea exist and so many different sunsets to mesmerize you. For example, all of us know that Paris is the city of love, but do we know that the name of the city originated from its tribe inhabitants? Paris also houses the world’s most visited museum, The Louvre  and has Rome as its sister country and is also popularly referred to as the city of lights.

Here’s a few more facts about the city of Berlin, it houses about 180 museums  and it is one of the largest city of Europe, probably about nine times bigger in size as Paris.  Whereas on the other hand, Bangkok has the world’s largest names and houses the biggest golden Buddha statue in the world.
Don’t these facts make you feel inspire to travel even more?

Here’s some very interesting facts about the world, which all the travel lovers out there would be interested to know about.