3 Mistakes To Avoid When You Travel

All of us have been novice travelers at some point of time when, the novelty of seeing new places and people consumed us entirely.These were the times when we encountered some glitches for instance, like our visas would not be legal, or that one time when you tipped in a restaurant and received angry glares from the chef there. We all made some mistakes and learnt from them sometimes with the help of a nice passer by or the hard way.

So to assist the first timers, we thought of listing down some of the major mistakes, that people commit when they travel.

Some research never hurt anyone


Every country has their own traditions, customs and quirky norms and it does not bode well at all to hurt anyone’s sentiments by rubbing them the wrong way. Thus before you pack your bags, ensure that you have all the information that you would need to know about your travel destination. 

Exchanging your money at the airport


This is a  big no-no. The reason being that airports usually charge a lot more money for exchange rates and thus dupe you out of your hard earned cash, however little it might be.

Inform Your Credit Card Company


These plastic money has become extremely popular. You can travel around the world without carrying any cash and yet get to experience the same amount of luxury. Although this is the most convenient way to pay while abroad, ensure that your card never gets rejected or run out of cash. Always make it a point to inform your credit card company before you leave for a vacation.

Tick off all the essentials before you hit your vacation spot!