3 Places You Must Visit This Halloween

So as Halloween is approaching, why not take a creepy vacation, just for the scares? Halloween is a festival for all those who love spooky things, from scary dark graveyards to haunted castles; these are the very things that make it a very exciting festival. While there are a lot of countries, which celebrate this festival with much excitement, in India all we probably do is attend theme parties. So this year, why not do something different, why not go out and visit the very places that are associated with Halloween the most?

Check out these three destinations, that you must visit during Halloween.

1. Salem


Salem is the most famous city, when it comes to black magic, witches and Halloween. It is said that during the Salmen Witch Trials, around 26 people were put to death, for being witches. This city is full of museums of witches and celebrates amazing events throughout the month of October. It is also one of the best destinations to visit during this festival.

2. Dracula’s Castle, Romania


While there are a lot of beautiful hotels along the Transylvanian mountains in Romania, they are all very close to the infamous, spooky house of the person, who went on to be the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Vlad, the impaler was known to be the most cruel man, who went on to impale thousands of his enemies and left them to die on the stakes. His castle today is open for public to visit and is the best place to get in the mood for Halloween.

3. New Orleans


New Orleans is the place to be during Halloween, for all of its eerie ghost walking tours, cemeteries and ¬†spooky street squares. There is one Manchac Swamp, where it is believed that hundreds of people died because of a tidal wave. Whispy, spooky tress add to the character of the this place, popularly known as ‘haunted swamp’.

Have a Halloween-cation!