3 Websites You Should Follow To Plan Your Next Trip.

The advancement of technology has led to increase in the way people travel by adding a lot of gadgets and websites, which enable a person to plan a trip. Today we have GPS in rental cars, Free and accessible Wifi in hotels, computerized services in hotels and the likes. One things that is defintiely happening is that a lot of companies are actually coming up great websites and apps to make your travelling experience better than the ordinary.

Check out these three websites, that offer the best deals and help you in planning your dream vacation.

1. AirBnB


This website needs very little introduction actually. With more than 1.5 million listings all over the world, this website offers you the best kinf of affordable places to live in. These can range from a beach house, a castle, a mobile van; the list is literally endless.

2. JetSetters


This website is the best one to offer you luxury travel options by providing a curated travel experience with the help of their verified hotels and properties. They actually go into every detail from the hotel bedroom, the bathroom, Wifi signal, concierge and the works. The best part about their website is that they actually run flash sales, for all sorts of best in class hotel deals and email these to people, who would love them. They also sometimes provide insider access to certain overly booked hotels and deals.

3. Kayak


It is this extensive website which offers deals on a score of things including deals on flights, hotel bookings, rental cars and more. They have this amazing comparison feature where they actually let the user choose from the lowest of deals. They also send you emails when any deal related to your trip pops up.