3 Years, 60 Countries, World Tour

We live in a world full of millions of people and unimaginably beautiful places, yet sadly we are confined to just one corner of this beautifully wonderful world, a saddening thought, isn’t it? This is exactly why we need to get out those old dusty luggage bags and pack up to go, see the world. Going all around the world, visiting a number of travel destinations and getting acquainted with beautiful customs and traditions. The experience of all of this entirely amazing and cannot be replaced by anything else.

If you think that the whole concept of travelling around the world, is tiresome and needs a lot of money, let us put your mind onto something more beautiful and inspiring. Meet Walter Chang, he is the guy who traveled all over the world, to 60 different countries in a span of three years.

Want some inspiration to tip you over the edge of travelling the whole wide world? Check out the video he made out of his whole trip.


Source: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBhTWiEE7ife0iZv1aUz0Sw

We are already packed and at the ready, are you?