4 Affordable Tourist Destinations For The Young And Free

Youth is considered to be the golden years of our lives, a time full of making new memories, experiencing the big wide world out there. This is the time where you become newly independent, both financially and physically. Sometimes these great times have a little downside to them, like for instance if you love travelling then there would be chances that you would have to sleep in hostels while visiting some exotic locales. But there’s no need to feel any despair because, there are still some countries which are equally beautiful as they are affordable.

Madrid, Spain

Rays of traffic lights on Gran via street, main shopping street in Madrid at night. Spain, Europe.

Although the continent of Europe is considered to be on a more expensive side, Madrid is comparatively cheaper and so is Spain. This surely would seem great news for all those Real Madrid fans out there.

Hanoi, Vietnam


This country is as travel friendly as it gets. its is extremely budget friendly for tourists and the best time to visit, would be in December.

Auckland, New Zealand


The only thing expensive about taking a trip to this place probably would be the plane ticket. Apart from being treated to great sights, this place has food and accommodations, which are more than affordable.

Varna, Bulgaria


This spectacular yet underrated resort town, lies right on the coast of the Black Sea and is one of the most affordable cities in the eater part of Europe.

Indulge the tourist within you by visiting these affordable places!