4 American Cities, Best For Fall Travel

Fall is the season of leaves turning colors, soft refreshing winds blowing and the temperature hitting the absolute perfect note. Autumn is also a season where you must travel, because the world starts looking extra beautiful during these times. Also the lessened flight rates and the easily available accommodations are great add-ons, which prompt you to take vacations. The best place to experience autumn at its fullest, is no other than the United States Of America.

Here we list out the five best cities, you must visit for your fall travel.

New York


No better place than this, where harmony exists between skyscrapers and thick green foliage. New York, during autumn is a sight to behold as the leaves start turning their colors. There’s a lot of parks here you could go visit like the famous Central Park, the meadow by Belevedere Castle and take a walk downtown to watch bright colors and experience pastoral bliss.