4 festivals around the world that you need to see!

Festivals around the world are weird and different. As we celebrate Holi and Diwali, there are certain festivals that are celebrated by the other countries. This are different from ours and are really fun to attain. Here are 5 festivals celebrated by different people  over the world.

1.The Rio de Janeiro Carnival, Brazil

This is sex and samba on a stick, drawing around a million people each year for its throbbing, four day-long festivities. The centrepiece is the Sambódromo parade, when neighbourhood groups compete against each other for the title of best ‘samba school’; flashy floats and nearly nude women feature prominently. The Masquerade Ball is almost as breathtaking, rammed to the gills with celebrities and mere mortals alike, all be-masked, bewigged and be costumed.

73595, RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - Sunday February 19, 2012.  Images from Brazil's Carnival  in Rio de Janeiro where huge crowds came out to watch and dance to glitter and feather wearing, bikini clad women atop lavish ornate floats.  **NORTH AMERICAN USE ONLY** Photograph: © VPA, PacificCoastNews.com

2. Boryeong Mud Festival , South Koreo

Started in 1998 to promote the cosmetics made from Boryeong mud flats, the festivals now attracts 2.2 million from the around the world. Although the festival takes place over a period of around two weeks, it is most famous for its final weekend, which is popular with Korea’s western population. The final weekend of the festival usually falls on the second weekend in July.The mud is taken from the Boryeong mud flats, and trucked to the Daecheon beach area, where it is used as the centrepiece of the ‘Mud Experience Land’


3.  Harbin Ice and Snow Festival – Harbin, China

A festival exhibiting the most exquisite ice and snow sculptures in the world. Every year people build incredible things out of ice and snow, decorating them with lights and lasers. This exhibition has a lot to offer, one can only find out after visiting it…and it is phenomenal!

ice festival

4. Carnival of Venice – Venice, Italy

The tradition of carnival dates back over 900 years. It was the one time during the year when there were no bounds. Everybody was free to do things desired all year without any guilt thanks to the masks. During the carnival, Venice comes alive with masked Venetians and tourists. Bands,jugglers and entertainers are everywhere and the canals are full of colourful boats. The nights are also full of parties and masked balls.It gives you a feeling as if fairy tales are coming alive!