4 Jobs That Let You Travel The World

Does looking at vibrant pictures of your relatives, friends or your neighbors out on a trip, make you feel just a teeny tiny bit of envy? Do you love travelling but cannot get onto it anytime you want to? If you answered yes to both of these questions then, welcome to the club!

Sometimes living a life that is too real that you don’t get any time to really dream can become quite a problem. It feels great to travel, live in a different country, experience an entirely new culture and their traditions. Then, real life strikes and you have to earn money, have a job, live the normal life, basically the boring life. We are happy to inform you about the solution to this travel problem of yours. We decided to put together a list of jobs which would help you travel the whole world.


The digitization of the world has made writers come back into fashion. Nowadays you can earn those big bucks by trotting over the big wide world and turning  all of your observations into virtual narratives.Travel blogs and DIY blogs have been all the rage these days and are definitely worth a shot.

Graphic Designer

Top view of a young graphic designer working on a desktop computer and using some color swatches

Possessing great designing skills does not require any knowledge of foreign languages as a prerequisite. You can do something that has been the oldest part of human civilization. You can become a graphic designer! With the world going digital, they are in fashion like hot cross buns!

Flight Attendant

BERLIN, GERMANY - MAY 22: Flight attendants pose prior to boarding an Airbus A380 airplane that has just been christened 'Berlin' at Tegel airport prior to takeoff on May 22, 2012 in Berlin, Germany. The christening of the Airbus A380, the largest commercial passenger airplane, named 'Berlin,' comes amidst controversy surrounding the new Willy Brandt Berlin Brandenburg International airport, still under construction. The new airport, to replace the area's current two hubs, Schoenefeld and Tegel airports, was expected to begin operation on June 3. However, due to complications with the fire safety system, the opening has been rescheduled to March 2013. (Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images)

A great number of flights take off and land all over the world, on a daily basis. Traveling to various exotic locations and getting to see the world from above, if these are things you’d love to do, then get on that plane! Although there are certain requirements bordering on funny, that you need to follow; apart from that luxury and great sights await you.


By far, the best fit for you, if ruins and historical artifacts intrigue you. Archaeologist travel all over the world, excavating places in search of unearthed treasurers. With the world going pro antique and vintage, you can totally turn yourself into a history buff!
So pack you bags and hit the workplace!