4 marvellous Train journey across the globe!

Train journeys have always been spectacular. You can enjoy the entire journey along with your destination. You need to sit back and relax. The views would be worth all your time invested. Though we all prefer flights over trains because it helps us the cut down the time period but the views are all the same during our journey. But with trains, it’s completely different. There are some train routes which are breathtaking and spectacular. They would leave you spell bound.

1. Duora Line, Portugal

Imagine passing through a rail route wherein one one side you would be witnessing blue river and on other side green valley bloomed with beautiful flowers. Such is a journey of Duora line, Portugal. Have you been to Portugal and seen the Douro River? If you haven’t then make it a point to do it on the Douro line rail. A major part of the Douro train track runs along the river and the views of the valley are truly magnificent. This train has a route called the ‘almond blossom circuit’, along which one can see beautiful flowers in bloom, dotting verdant valleys.

2.The Grand Canyon Railway

The iconic view may be one of a kind, but the passenger cars on The Grand Canyon Railway offer insight into many eras of U.S. train travel: coach class cars are vintage 1923 Pullmans while the café car dates to 1952; first class cars are all 1950s era, as are most of the observation/dome cars. No matter where you sit, the route—130 miles (round-trip) of desert from Williams to the makes for a scenic day trip.The one-way time of 2 hours and 15 minutes is 45 minutes faster now than when the train debuted in 1901.


3.Danube express from Istanbul to Budhapest

With stunning architecture in both Budapest and Istanbul (you can start your journey in either) and miles of legendary Transylvania countryside in between, the four-day Danube Express serves as your base for sightseeing during stops in medieval Sighisoara (said to be the birthplace of Dracula) and Bran Castle (aka Dracula’s Castle). This “hotel on wheels” is the only international private train in Europe with en-suite compartments and air conditioning.


4. Glaxier Express, Switzerland

If you are someone who does not like train rides, try a ride on the Glacier Express in Switzerland and you will surely fall in love with train journeys. The train snakes through virgin mountains, bypassing deep gorges, verdant valleys, dark tunnels and bridges across playful streams. It is as if nature has everything on display along this ride. The glacier Express train ride is one of the most beautiful rides in the world, so enjoy it to the full!

glaxier express.