4 Must Haves For Your Long Haul Travel Flight

So you’re finally going to go for the vacation that you’ve been planning for since a year? The travel destination is in a faraway country with golden meadows and sun kissed beaches. You can almost smell the beautifully salty air already. But before you embark on your blissful journey, you need to first get through the long tedious flight journey. While traveling by air is an experience that we all cherish, yet there are many of us who would scrunch up their faces when it comes to long duration flights.

Here’s a list of must have carry alongs you need to have on your next long duration flight.

Music Player


No matter where you are, music is one thing which helps you get by in a great way. Carrying a music player with you on such a flight would keep you entertained and keep up your spirits if you ever feel miserable and bored.

Eye Mask


Although a lot of airlines offer eye masks on all of their long distance flights, it always is more comfortable to have your own eye mask.

Books And Magazines

The Folio Society

A book is said to encompass a whole different world. Carrying a couple of books and your favorite magazines can keep you occupied for more time than you ever expected.

A pouch of mini toiletries


While it is great to carry as many toiletries in the most expandable bag possible in your luggage, it helps a lot more to get a mini version of those toiletries with your carry on bag. It will do a world of difference because their small size will make them easy to manage and the fact that you won’t have to dive into your bigger bag for anything makes it even more comfortable.

Fight the boredom on long haul flights, with these great carry alongs!