5 abandon beautiful places

Humans dwell to certain places for a reason, they either dwell there for lifetimes are leave it. There are many such places that were abandon due to various reasons.Let us dive a bit into history and see what it holds for us!

1.Kilchurn Castle is a ruined 15th and 17th century structure on a rocky peninsula at the northeastern end of Loch Awe, in Argyll and Bute, Scotland. Access to the Castle is sometimes restricted by higher-than-usual levels of water in the Loch, at which times the site effectively becomes a temporary island.


2. Kayakoy, Turkey

n ancient times it was a city of Lycia, Later, Anatolian Greeks lived there until approximately 1922. The ghost town, now preserved as a museum village, consists of hundreds of rundown but still mostly standing Greek-style houses and churches which cover a small mountainside and serve as a stopping place for tourists visiting Fethiye and nearby Ölüdeniz.


3. Villa in Lake Como

Villa de Vecchi, Lake Como, Italy. Located in the mountains east of Lake Comoin Italy, the Baroque house “Villa de Vecchi” is known locally as the Ghost Mansion. The building has been derelict for years and was allegedly the scene of a murder or suicide.


4. Allerheiligen Monastery

Large fires, in 1470 and 1555, had already destroyed parts of the premises. In 1804, a last fire, started when a bolt of lightning struck the church tower, finished the job. In 1816 the ruins were sold for demolition and used as a quarry for stone and scrap for churches in the valleys of the Rench and the Acher.


5. Bodiam Castle

Bodiam Castle is a 14th-century moated castle near Robertsbridge in East Sussex, England. It was built in 1385 by Sir Edward Dalyngrigge, a former knight of Edward III, with the permission of Richard II, ostensibly to defend the area against French invasion during the Hundred Years’ War. Of quadrangular plan, Bodiam Castle has no keep, having its various chambers built around the outer defensive walls and inner courts.