5 beaches you need to see before you breathe your last!

As we are celebrating the world ocean day today i.e 8th June. Oceans have been an important part of our planet,but  now are being polluted due to  human activities. Plastic being the main concern. But there are certain oceans which are different from the their counterparts. They still have their magical spill and beauty to keep you  awestruck. This beaches are not like your common blue beaches.
1.Pink Beach of Great Santa Cruz Island – Philippines
Imagine having your feet covered in pink sand and water gushing over it, because normal sand is too mainstream. Right? The Great Santa Cruz Island is a small island in Zamboanga City in Philippines which is  famous for its pink beach with coralline sand. One of the rarest pink beaches in the world, Great Santa Cruz Island boasts the only pink beach in entire of the Philippines which is full of many beautiful beaches. This pink beach attains its colour from the crushed red organ pipe coral that got mixed with the sand during eons of surf erosion.

pink beach

2. Papakolea, Hawai

How about green sand? Blue can be spotted in your home country as well but not green. It takes effort to reach Papakolea. The beach is located near Ka Lae, the southernmost point in Hawaii—and the entire United States. To reach it, you need to endure a hot and rugged hike for nearly three miles along sea cliffs. The reward: ending up on a green-sand beach. The grains are almost pure olivine, a green mineral, and come from Puu Mahana, a volcanic cone that sits above the beach.


3. Punaluu Black Sand Beach, Hawaii
Hawaii is the capital of various types of beaches. Green, Blue, black and Jet-black. The Jet black sand gives this southern Big Island beach a rather post-apocalyptic look.If you want to experience it. Luckily, the frequent appearance of green sea turtles brightens the mood.Signs on the beach warn against petting or riding the turtles, and it’s no joke. The turtles are endangered, and touching them is against the law.

4.Hot Water Beach, Coromandel, New Zealand

Spa in the 4 walled room is a piece of cake for everyone. How about a natural spa in the midst of the nature.Get one, gratis, here. Mineral water that heats to nearly 150 degrees flows beneath the sand. For two hours at the beginning and end of low tide, visitors can dig holes in the ground and settle into their own natural hot tubs. Ahhh… I am going!


5. Glass beach, California

A beach shore full of colourful glass of vivid shades contrasting with the pristine blue colour of the sea. Sounds mesmerising? The glass beach in California is a result of blessings of Mother Nature. In correcting mankind’s mistakes, Mother Nature created one fascinating beach. Until the late 1960s, Californians used the Fort Bragg shore as a dumping ground. After the government banned the practice, decades of wave erosion weathered down the glass refuse. The smooth, glistening particles washed ashore and covered what is now Glass Beach. While the sea gems may be gorgeous to look at, visitors are forbidden to take them home.

glass beach