5 places around the world where rupee would make you feel rich!

So when you thought that travelling abroad would be a distant dream because of the value of rupee. Here i am to give you list of places where you would be thankful to the value of rupee and can spend like the uncle in jagrata. All you need is a great company to join you on this wonderful journey

1. Costa Rica : 1 INR = 8.15 Colons
1 INR is the same as 8.15 Costa Rican Colons (Yep, their currency is actually called ‘colon’). That should be music to your ears, considering it’s an island paradise where you can live out your caribbean fantasies – sipping Pina coladas and sunbathing at the beach.


2. Cambodia : 1 INR = 63.93 Riel
Cambodia’s currency is basically 0.015INR to 1 Riel. Stay, food and drink is cheap plus the place is steeped in history and culture. Go to Angkor Wat and read Dancing in Cambodia by Amitav Ghosh before you go to understand just how beautiful the place really is.

3.Vietnam : 1 INR = 338.35 Dong

Backpacker paradise starts at Vietnam. With places like Vang Vieng just a few hours away where you lumber down a river on a tyre while sipping on mushroom shakes from the adjoining shacks, this sounds like a no brainer. You can sort out stay, food, daaru and transport in Rs. 700 in Vietnam! (Yes our currency is stronger here)



4. Hungary : 1 INR = 4.22 Forint
Hungary has several options for staying in hotels for as low as Rs 700 a night – oms which have a bed, tv and fridge, right in Budapest. Trains ply for nominal amounts and the place itself is beautiful, so go check it out quick.


5. Belarus : 1 INR = 216 Ruble

Ruble, which is the currency to this landlocked country, actually clocks in at 0.0058INR. That is quite a blessing, as you can soak in the culture in their museums and visit quaint and charming cafes at prices that seem like they’re still in the Soviet era. There’s lakes and forests and all kinds of other attractions, so just give up on your preconceived notions of Eastern Europe.