5 reasons why you need to travel solo to your next trip!

While i am writing this, it even makes me wonder that what would make someone travel alone. So i choose not to write unless i experience it first hand. Saving this in my drafts i come back to it after my first solo trip. So that i can give my own experiences rather than pasting someone’s else experience. So here are few learning ¬†experiences i would like to share with you all. This is what makes me say that you need to take a trip by yourself once in a lifetime.

1. Learn to live with less, controlling your desires

When you travel to different destinations solo with no company, you mix up with locals and strangers with ease. As you encounter how minimalist life they live. You get inspired by them. We are surrounded by all the materialistic things and still find it difficult to find happiness. But they can smile with nothing but a handshake from your end.Life is different for everyone.


2.Your plans won’t go as expected, like your life

Many times in our lives, things don’t go the way we want them to go. They go their own ways. There are times while travelling that we miss the bus and regret for sleeping a bit longer. But, there are new things waiting out for you. All you need is an eye of an explorer to wander around and find your calling.


3. You find yourself

In the rat race that we are living, we are following what the crowd is. We as individuals are scared to do something offbeat and thus fall for the trap the society made for us. While travelling solo, you never know you would fine what your interest lies in. There is some creative person inside us that we have easily killed due to societal pressures. Let he be alive now!

find yourself

4. You appreciate life

We never appreciate life in our routines. As we grow up, we settle in for things. We loose the importance of our lives, parents, our relations and everything around us. But when you grow away from the for a period of time, you would realise how you miss them.May be next time, you won’t be ignoring your mom’s call!

appreciate life

5.You will learn to live in Present

We sulk over past and worry about future and forget the present. That’s where we go wrong and wander around to find happiness. Travelling solo would help you to connect to your present and be at peace with it. Because when you are travelling you wouldn’t have time sulk over past. In case you do, pack bags and go home.