5 Travel Destinations Where The Canadian Dollar Is Strong

See the world while sparing cash!


1. South Africa

1 CAD = 10.45 ZAR

Least expensive Meal: $9.50

Least expensive Beer: $2.50

South Africa is super moderate for Canadians and has been for quite a while. It is a smidgen far to travel, however you’re ensured a stunning excursion that is absolutely moderate once you’re there. This nation is loaded with sprawling mountain tops and huge sandy shorelines on the sea!

Visit Cape Town for Table Mountain National Park, historical centers and clamoring city life!

2. Russia

1 CAD = 46.86 RUB

Least expensive Meal: $10

Least expensive Beer: $1.71

Russia is an awesome travel goal in case you’re hoping to run some place totally novel with a culture you truly won’t encounter anyplace on the planet. You can encounter lovely cobble stone boulevards, heavenly cooking styles (matched with shots of vodka obviously), and monster noteworthy structures!

3. Japan

1 CAD = 87.41 JPY

Least expensive Meal: $11

Least expensive Beer: $5.50

Japan is an astonishing travel goal loaded with culture, incredible nourishment, shocking common attractions and clamoring urban areas. Obviously you’ll need to visit Tokyo to get the full Japanese traveler encounter however you ought to likewise observe Mount Fuji, visit the monkey hot springs or go to the island where felines out-populate people!

4. Iceland

1 CAD = 83.88 ISK

Least expensive Meal: $25

Least expensive Beer: $11

Iceland is viewed as a really costly city to live in, contrasted with Canadian guidelines. Our Canadian dollar will get us far with the conversion scale however it may level out when you factor in the cost of sustenance, travel and inns while you’re there. In any case, it’s as yet a lovely place to visit and certainly ought to be experienced once in your life! Particularly the Blue Lagoon characteristic spa!

5. Brazil

1 CAD = 2.53 BRL

Least expensive Meal: $7

Least expensive Beer: $2

The swapping scale here isn’t madly great yet what makes this trek so justified, despite all the trouble is that it is so shabby to remain there when all is said in done! Nourishment and travel are both super moderate in focal and South American nations, and the cost to fly there isn’t even that much! You’ll get the opportunity to encounter this exuberant nation through astonishing nourishment, insane move clubs, and dazzling sandy shorelines.