5 Travel essentials you will need always!

Travelling with essentials is a must do while on a trip because you don’t want to spoil your little moments because you couldn’t find your essentials on place. Different places have different culture, adjusting to it takes time. So better safe than sorry.

1.Wet Wipes :

They seem to be such a girly thing to carry but trust me, you would thank me for them while you use them on trip. They have multiple uses, from cleaning yourself when you are too lazy for a shower to mop dust from your luggage. It’s kinda a blessing from the Travel gods!

Cleaning napkins

2. Ear plugs

Why ruin your sleep while on road? Always carry ear plugs with you and a extra pair of them as well. Those little tiny thing get misplaced soon. They can help you to shut yourself in the dorm and hostel rooms and have a peaceful sleep in rails or bus. Because sleep cannot be sacrificed at any cost!


3. Drugs

Okay,not the one which you are currently thinking of. I mean medicinal drugs, the one which would help you to keep a track of your health. You can get recommendations from your family doctor or go ahead with the ones that suit you. Also carry balms , they are helpful in case of muscle pain and sprains during the trip.


4. Business Cards

You can put them inside your outer pockets of your luggage and in your own pockets always. Incae you lose your luggage, you can be reunited with it with the help of airport authorities


5. Mosquito Repellents

Carrying mosquito repellents would do you no harm but not carrying them can leave you with red marks and irritation. Mosquito nets are handy and save little space in your luggage. So you can sleep peacefully and do not be feast to mosquitoes.