5 travel hacks which you would make your trip easy!

Travelling is fun. But sometimes there are things which we tend to forget or wish that we knew better things to do with them. Here are 10 travel hacks for which you are going to thank me for

  1. Hack: When you are booking for your flights and hotels online, enable the private browsing option. Travel sites usually track your visits and increase the prices before you have visited before.traffic

2. During travelling carrying your toiletries has always been an messy affair.

Hack:Try using straws. Fill the straws with necessary size portions of products like conditioner, Shampoo, SPF etc.


3.Tangle earphones are one of the irritating issues we face. You cannot afford to loose your precious time during travel to untangle them.

Hack: Take a binder clip from your stationary and wrap your earphones around them.


4. Keeping your chargers straight while travelling is an hard work in itself.

Hack: Use pen spring to  protect your charger from breaking  and bending.


5. On the last day of your trip, collect all your loose change and give it to the homeless in the foreign country. Because blessings know no boundaries.