Hidden gems of India!

India is known as a diverse nation. It has various cultures and each city shows a different story and history. Travelling within the country is a process in itself. Being the second most populated country in the world, crowd would be a part of your vacation everywhere. So by now you have checked  into Goa, Kashmir, Gangtok? Tired of exploring the mainstream locations and want to explore the hidden places of the country? Here are 3 gems of the country which are perfect to get away from the mainstream locations. They are worth your every penny and time.

1. Tada Falls, Andhra Pradesh


Longing for that picture-perfect family vacation? Then this relatively unknown destination in Andhra Pradesh, is just right for you. Tada is a town on the Chennai-Nellore highway, just over 65 km from Chennai, India and 80 km from Tirupathi. It is a beautiful waterfall surrounded by hillocks and greenery. It is ideal for hiking, trekking and picnics.