4 things you need to remember before boarding your next flight!

Flights have made our lives easier. It’s now easy to get back to our families after work trips. Vacations have becomes shorter and better because time is saved and productivity is improved. Ignoring the Jet lag , everything goes smoothly while flying. But the process before boarding the flight and after it requires special attention from us. While we are excited for the trip, there are time we go haywire due to this excitement. Certain things you need to remember while boarding your next flight.


Passports, id proofs and all the other important documents need to be xerox copied and emailed to self. If you are an Iphone user i would recommend you to download them and save them in your ibooks in case you do not find an internet connection.


If you are transferring money in between accounts frequently, make sure you have them all connected before leaving. This will save you both time and headaches while you are on the road. When I am traveling I use three separate accounts that I shuffle money between. This allows my money to work for me. Believe me; it is frustrating to try to connect all your accounts on the road.

This is common sense but still needs to be said. If you are going on a long trip, double check to make sure you have everything before heading out the door. Your most important documents are the ones you made copies of. Triple check that you have all of these in order, easy to retrieve, and yet protected. I suggest a money belt. Yes, it looks like an inverted fanny pack, but it keeps your ID passport, money, and bank cards well organized. I hardly wear mine; I just use it for organisation.

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Although it isn’t something tangible, this is hands down the biggest thing you want to check before heading to the airport. In fact, when anyone asks me what is the key element to being a good traveller, I always answer, “An open mind”. Don’t without it.Remember, we go to different countries and cultures because they ARE different! Embrace that! I’ve meet a couple of people that have said the whole time, “that’s not how we do it back home”. Those people should have stayed home. Travelling isn’t a compare and contrast experience; it’s a learning experience. Visiting places with an open mind will completely change your trip and you.