A Bag for Every Kind of Travel

Tote bags are a great accessory for people who love travelling but don’t wish to wear a fanny pack or carry a backpack.

The tote bag can be considered as the perfect balance between the fanny pack and the backpack, for day trips exploring or when heading to the beach – the tote bag is multi-functional and stylish.

Here’s a list of eight tote bags that are perfect for travelling.

1. Business tote bag

For jet-setters going from a business meeting to a client dinner straight to a flight, this bag will keep everything in its proper place.

2. Fashionable tote bag

For those that are excessively fashionable and desire to look trendy and stylish no matter where they go, then this transparent tote bag with additional purse bag by Joy Collectibles for R226 would be the ideal bag to own.

3. Beach tote bag

Why not go old school and carry a traditional straw tote bag to the beach? It is one of the ultimate accessories for a day at the beach, and is big enough to carry your towel, sunscreen and beach accessories.

4. Carry-on tote bag

Some people don’t fancy carrying small suitcases or large weekend bags for their flights, and that is where the carry-on tote bag works well.

It’s not too small, yet not too big, it’s just the right size to carry your clothes and other personal items on the aeroplane.

5. Backpack tote bag

Alright, so perhaps carrying a tote on your shoulder while walking around may not be the best idea for your shoulder, but that’s where the backpack tote comes in.

It’s stylish, versatile and made for comfort – an interesting purchase to keep in your wardrobe. Check out this backpack tote bag by Style Republic, at the price of R299.

6. The Faux Stow: Street Level Reversible Tote

For those who prefer an animal-friendly — and more affordable — option, this best-seller looks like it’s made of lustrous leather even though the material is completely vegan.

There’s even a wrislet bag included, to stash your smaller items, and it’s also reversible. The bag is available from nordstrom.com for R758.

7: The Carry-all Wallace Quilted Tote

Large tote bags for travel are crucial for carrying everything you need while on the go.

This one’s spacious enough to hold just about anything — neck pillow, tablet, laptop, baby accessories, gym wear, you name it — but it’s light as a feather so it won’t weigh you down.

The quilting adds a bit of a flair to an otherwise highly versatile tote: it’s easily packable, washable, and holds up to wear and tear. The bag is available from Bloomingdales.com for R3482.50.

8. The Gym tote

The gym tote is a great bag for those that want a bag that is lightweight and contributes to the athleisure look.

Source/Credit: https://www.iol.co.za/travel/travel-tips/the-8-best-tote-bags-for-travelling-17792573