A Culinary Tour of Morocco

The best part about exploring a new country, apart from visiting landmarks, has to be trying their best cuisine.

From street markets to gourmet restaurants, a lot of experiences with international travel involves food and drink – and what better way to make you salivate then to take you on a journey to Morocco.

Delight your palate with some of Morocco’s best cuisine offerings from across the North African nation:

Start off your food tour in the bustling port city of Casablanca, the Marseille-inspired city that is filled with Berber-Arab-Spanish-Portuguese-French inspiration and cuisine.

Begin your food journey with a traditional Moroccan meal, complete with a briouate (delicious crispy yufka pastry parcels stuffed with a variety of fillings), kemias (a plethora of salads served on small plates) and perhaps even a taste of Casablanca’s signature dish, seven vegetable couscous.

For breakfast try the msmen (layered, pan-fried bread), or khlea (a type of Moroccan preserved meat), with the standard morning beverage of mint tea.

The journey takes you from Casablanca to the former imperial capital of Meknes, where you can take a stroll and taste some of the famous nougat candy and camel burgers sold at street-side stalls, before making a stop at olive shop.

Tourists also get the opportunity in Meknes to learn how to prepare couscous from scratch, which they can enjoy with a variety of Moroccan salads and finish with a hearty kefta (meatball) tagine.

From Meknes to Fes el Bali, the city that is famous for the city’s signature dishes – pastilla – the sweet yet salty dish.

The food tour enters the popular cosmopolitan city of Marrakech, a city that is filled with a variety of culture and cuisine specialties that are popular among locals and visitors.

Visitors are exposed to Djemma el Fnaa, the largest public market in Marrakech, where visitors get to try snail soup, more olives, dates and biscuits, before going past a community oven and having a bite of mechoui (slow-cooked lamb).

The journey moves onto Aroumd, a town located in the High Atlas Mountains, which feature a number of Beber-inspired meals, including their iconic tangine that is served with freshly made bread.

Tantalise your sweet taste buds in Essaouira, where visitors get to feast on handmade dented flatbread (tafournout) dipped in Argan oil (which has cosmetic and culinary uses), cakes drizzled with honey and melted butter, and sweet mint tea or aromatic coffee.

Tourists are also suggested to explore Essaouira’s market, where they sell more of their tafernout, fish and other meals that have been made famous by its people.

Source/Credit: https://www.iol.co.za/travel/travel-tips/a-quick-food-tour-of-morocco-17688869