A Not So Good Holiday After All

2017 was the year that holiday destinations across Europe became really fed up with tourists.

There were protests in several cities across the continent by disgruntled locals who felt they were being pushed out of their homes.

A new report has pinpointed the holiday destinations struggling most with overcrowding, like Venice
Governments in places like the Balearics have already started to raise taxes, to discourage so many holidaymakers from returning next year.

A new report by the World Travel and Tourism Council, in partnership with McKinsey, has pinpointed some of the destinations struggling most with overcrowding.

The report, called Coping with Success: Managing Overcrowding in Tourist Destinations, looked at a number of factors to decide which locations were worst hit.

They included alienated local residents, degraded tourist experiences, overloaded infrastructure, damage to nature and threats to culture and heritage.

It looked at a number of factors like the number of alienated local residents and any damage to nature
The seven cities that had the highest scores in a combination of these different factors spanned the globe.

They included Amsterdam, Dubrovnik, Kuala Lumpur, Macau, Rome, Venice and Warsaw.

The report has suggested that the different locations should spread visitors out across the entire year, instead of dealing with huge hordes at certain points like mid-summer.

It said: “While in some instances it makes sense simply to limit the number of visitors, for example, through a daily cap, we increasingly also see destinations establishing reservations and ticketing systems.”

Certain places have introduced measures to ease overcrowding, like Visit Britain encouraging tourists to explore further than London
Tourists are being encouraged to visit lesser-known parts of popular holiday destinations in order to ease pressure on the busiest areas.

For instance, Iceland is promoting the town of Akureyri, which features waterfalls and hot springs, to ease the burden on other areas of the country.

Visit Britain has also been working to attract tourists out of London and into other parts of the country.
Certain places have attempted to introduce bans to deter any more holidaymakers – like a recent ban on any new tourist shops in Amsterdam.

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