A well behaved tourist is a good tourist

When on a vacation you have to act a little better. Yes vacation is a free time. But then this does not mean that you should run wild on a foreign land. There are just few sets of rules that you need to follow. A tourist could be very annoying as well as very friendly and jolly. You do not have to be a best tourists but you should see that you do not bother the locals. Enjoy your vacation not on the expense of the locals.

One of the best ways to act as a well behaved tourist is by accepting and respecting the fact you are visiting a place where people live. It is the residents that help in shaping the city and offering you what is best. No city can only run on tourism. So when out in a new city be gentle and humble to people around you. Also, you should know that you are a tourist and you have no hurry to reach your destination. But the locals or others out there on the same street with you are busy. Unlike you they are not on a vacation. So avoid blocking the streets and lanes with your luggage.

Also since you are a tourist it is your responsibility to support the local business. Of course you will be visiting a place for some reason. Try to support a local business whenever it is possible. This will only benefit you and the locals. Tourism is good but then it also generates a the risk of environmental issues and concerns. Every man can create a change. Even if that change is little, the impact of it will be huge. You can take a public transport instead of personal rental cars or bikes. This way you can minimize pollution. Cut down on water uses and so on.

It is the tourists which are loudest when on vacation. Yes, agreed that vacation should be fun and all about partying but then this doesn’t mean that turn into a noisy irritating tourist. Being loud and noisy will only keep your neighbors awake. Just avoid disturbing people around you. You can enjoy this way. How hard is that now?

Since you visiting a foreign land respect the feelings of the locals. And e humble and kind. You do not have to be arrogant all the time. If you have the attitude that since your visiting is paying off the locals then you are wrong and very arrogant. A tourism job is a low paid one. Just be kind, its not that tough.