Adventure is out and you need to make the most of it by

We all have a bucket list. A bucket list will be totally incomplete without any adventure. Adventure is the spirit that keeps you going. Every traveler loves adventure. Their journey is not complete or fun if there is no adventure in it. Here are few adventurous ideas that you should probably add to you bucket list and not just add but also do it in some time.

Who doesn’t love dolphins? They are the cutest of all fishes. So how about a swim with the dolphins? Yeah, probably you must have never thought of this. In general people just think of seeing dolphins from a distance but never would have ever thought about swimming with the dolphins. Are you a little wilderness explorer? Yes, then a safari is what you should try. And the best place for a safari is non another than Africa. You will get the chance of being up close with the wild animals and this experience will be one of a kind. Sadly, if you are a little low on budget, visit your nearby national park or sanctuary.

For utter madness and to experience the literal feeling of letting go you must try bungee jumping. Do not do to kill yourself but just for the adventure spirit. A random road trip to somewhere, anywhere is what will refresh you. Do not make a solo trip rather grab along your friends and you will enjoy to the fullest and remember that not all those who wander are lost. Getting on a road trip is what every 20-something must do.

If you are more of a hiking and trekking person, I’m sure you would have pinned down the mountain that you want to climb. If you do not want a mountain trekking, then go hiking in the Amazon rainforest. Visiting the Amazon rainforest will be a spectacular experience. Also if you love elephants then visit the elephants sanctuary in Thailand. You can also feed the animals here and create a bond between you and the elephants.

Dunking in natural cave water is what you will see only in movies. But why limit this experience when you can actually experience it in real life. List down the cave that you want and go have a dunk. The sky blue and crystal clean water will take your breath away. Even if you do not want to do any of the things that okay, but then once in a lifetime one should camp under the northern lights.