Airbnb Is About To Launch Its Second Magazine

Airbnb has propelled another magazine in a joint effort with Hearst that will show up on newspaper kiosks soon. It is Airbnb’s first endeavor at printed content since the disappointment of Pineapple—and cycle two won’t not be any simpler. In the vicinity of 2014 and 2015, travel magazine readership in the U.S. snuck past 3%, as per Statista. Hearst trusts that Airbnb can reinvigorate travel magazines much the way it has done as such for the travel and cabin industry. Hearst’s Chief Content Officer Joanna Coles said in an announcement, “By banding together with Airbnb, we can serve their worldwide group and give perusers the most rousing and most genuine travel stories, encounters and tips.” Which may implies she supposes there’s a prepared readership Hearst can take advantage of. For Airbnb, getting a magazine set on the end tables of the homes on its stage can just help make an entire affair for their clients. Supporters can get six issues of the magazine for $15.