All About The Swimming Pigs Of Bahamas

Step onto the white-sand shorelines of the Exumas — a chain of more than 365 small Bahamian islands and drowsy cays — and you’ll be hit with the inclination that you’re the first to find this surprising corner of the planet.

Here it’s iguana tails, not human impressions, that leave checks in the sand, and discovering a shining pink conch shell the measure of your head is as basic as having another shade of blue get your attention each time you study the encompassing waters.

Be that as it may, as your pontoon approaches Big Major Cay, you’re awoken from this wander off in fantasy land by some fairly ill-mannered tenants: noisy, grunting pigs paddling out to welcome you like a buoyant bundle of brilliant retrievers hurrying to the entryway when their proprietor at last returns home from a difficult day of work.

Local people at Big Major’s “Pig Beach” are transplants as opposed to local islanders, much the same as a large number of the general population you’ll meet in the zone. Furthermore, however they’ve obviously taken to their tropical burrows and rising fame — prodded to a limited extent by a sensational appearance on “The Bachelor” and more than a couple of very much preferred Instagram posts — the prizes of distinction (read: free nourishment) have included some significant pitfalls.

No less than seven pigs were discovered dead in February, and keeping in mind that many reports conjectured liquor employing travelers destroyed them, government authorities faulted sand ingestion in the wake of accepting examination comes about.

Since human guests have turned into an apparatus on the island, the pigs have for the most part relinquished scavenging in the backwoods for eating the nourishment that is tossed to them from water crafts and on the shore. Gulping sand in the midst of the nourishing crazes, combined with a dry January that exhausted their officially restricted supply of crisp drinking water, was likely the genuine reason for death, a Humane Society assessor disclosed to National Geographic. Sound pigs have been gotten to supplant their fallen companions, and the well disposed sunbathers are as yet sprinkling their direction onto the basin arrangements of creature cherishing voyagers all around.

This is what we realized on a current visit, including how to arrive, what’s in store, where to stay, and, obviously, how to dependably communicate with the creatures.

Where are the swimming pigs?

The pigs live on Big Major Cay, one of the more than 365 islands in Exuma, a region of the Bahamas. Otherwise called Pig Beach (for clear reasons), the island is around 82 miles southeast of Nassau, and around 50 miles northwest of George Town. It is totally uninhabited by people.

How would you get the chance to Pig Beach?

The best way to achieve Pig Beach is by pontoon, so you’ll either need to contract one or take a guided visit.

A well known visit organization in the range is 4C’s Adventures, which offers an entire day visit that incorporates going to the pigs, swimming with nurture sharks, meeting iguanas, a sandbar cookout, and snorkeling in the popular Thunderball Grotto (a grand recognize that has been in two James Bond films), for $160 per individual.

In case you’re willing to wander out alone, you can lease a vessel from for as meager as $250 for an entire day (or incorporate a guide for an extra charge).

You may likewise need to measure your choices with your inn. At close-by Fowl Cay Resort, day by day vessel rentals are incorporated into the cost of your stay (just like an introduction for tenderfoot captains).

How did the pigs wind up at the shoreline?

Notwithstanding for their neighbors, the swimming pigs are covered in puzzle. Neighborhood legends proliferate, from a story about a wreck to one about hungry privateers who dropped them off and never influenced it to back for their dinner. Be that as it may, a man named Wayde Nixon cases to have conveyed the main pigs to the island with his business accomplice, Don Rolle, with expectations of beginning up a pig cultivate in the late 1990s. Nixon told the Today indicate he was setting up a supportable sustenance supply in the event of the dreaded Y2K PC emergency. On the off chance that his story is valid, the pigs may have been considerably more alleviated than we were when screens turned out poorly on New Year’s Day 2000.

Would you be able to bolster the pigs?

You can give the pigs nourishment for the present, however V. Alfred Gray, clergyman of farming and marine assets, told the Nassau Guardian tenets would be set up after travelers were looked at in the pigs’ less than ideal passings. Nixon and Rolle likewise said in February that they were working with the legislature on new directions.

In the mean time, the passings are a serious suggestion to think before you encourage. On the off chance that you do sustain, as far as possible the bites to set products of the soil, and nourish them in the water rather than in the sand to keep away from more sand ingestion. A decent contrasting option to sustenance would endeavor to encourage them crisp water, as their supply on the island is restricted.

Something else to note is that the bigs will pursue you in case you’re conveying sustenance, and some are very expansive, so on the off chance that you panic effectively, you might need to wander the shoreline nourishment free.

At the point when is the best time to visit them?

Most visits to the island keep running between 9 a.m. also, dusk, a nearby guide told Travel + Leisure, so in case you’re taking your own particular pontoon, go at a young hour in the morning for the most continuous consideration from the pigs. By late evening, you’ll for the most part discover them tuckered out with full midsections, and will probably relax in the sand than to paddle through the water with you.

You can visit whenever of year, yet realize that June through November is considered sea tempest season, and when a risky tempest is coming, the pigs are typically taken to shield by a nearby water sports organization.

How would you get to the Exumas?

On the off chance that Pig Beach is your goal of decision, you’re best off flying into the minor air terminals on Staniel Cay, Black Point, or Farmer’s Cay.

Watermakers Air offers per situate passages beginning around $250 one-path with bother free, private fly enhancements — like skipping security lines, unwinding in a calm parlor with bites and drinks pre-flight, and flying in a nine-situate plane — from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport to Staniel Cay. (Yet, truly, you do require an identification.) A Memorial Day end of the week deal has charges at $135 one-way.

You can likewise take a noteworthy U.S. transporter to Nassau and after that fly FlamingoAir to any of the above goals every day, with rates beginning around $123 one-way. Day by day visits to Pig Beach are offered from Nassau and Great Exuma by vessel, yet it will bring a whole day with a ton of travel time.


Where would it be advisable for you to remain?

For a sentimental, confined getaway or a life-changing gathering get-away, Fowl Cay Resort sits alone private little island minutes from Pig Beach. The resort’s waterfront estates offer dazzling perspectives and choice luxuries (think ocean side armchairs, private ways to segregated shorelines, and supplied wash rooms), however the genuine interest is the legitimately relaxed island vibe that incorporates the grounds, from the well disposed staff to the standard guests blending over mixed drinks and karaoke. Estates begin at $1,657 every night including all suppers, drinks, air terminal exchanges by private watercraft, and day by day bike and vessel rentals. In the event that you can’t swing a couple of evenings in a manor, stop by the Hill House eatery for a nightfall mixed drink and crisp fish dishes sourced from neighborhood waters.

Adjacent Staniel Cay (the most available choice because of its air terminal), is additionally minutes from the pigs. There are a couple of various settlement alternatives accessible, the most famous of which is the Staniel Cay Yacht Club’s private homes (beginning at $185 every night for two, with expenses for extra visitors). The brilliant retreats are roosted over the marina, ventures from the yacht club’s exuberant yet loose shoreline bar, one of Jimmy Buffett’s top choices. In the event that you’d rather feel like a neighborhood (and spare some money), remain at the Isles Inn, situated over the Isles General Store, where rates begin at $125 a night and accompany free utilization of a golf truck, the island’s favored method of transportation.


What different creatures would you be able to meet?

They may be the most renowned, however the pigs a long way from the main creatures you can get very close with in the territory. Compass Cay is home to nurture sharks simply holding up to swim with brave people, and Bitter Guana Cay is home to the jeopardized Exuma Island iguanas, however you’ll feel like there are a lot of them when they coming running towards you over the sand.

Cocoplum Beach is known for its sand dollars, which frequently turn out to be anything but difficult to spot on its sand bars amid low tide. You can swim with ocean turtles and sustain them conch at Little Farmer’s Cay, and snorkel with a variety of fish at some world-class spots, including the Thunderball Grotto and The Aquarium.