As old time, explore the well aged city of

They say old is gold. And it is true. When a thing is described as old it holds legends, stories and memories. It is the same when you say that this city is old. An old city has a lot to offer. Right from its vintage architecture to the legends of its survival and civilization. It is an old city that grabs our attention then the new fancy city which is nothing but a concrete jungle. Here is a list of few cities around the world which are older than your grandparents.

The history of Damascus goes back to 10000 BC. This particular city is the oldest colonized cities of the world. Know for its geographical location, the capital of Syria is situated between Africa and Asia. This city is packed with tourists who come to see the magnificent architecture and oldest civilization. You will find green courtyards, narrow alleys and many white houses.

Another city which has aged well is Byblos. This is another city where you will find the oldest civilization and also this is the oldest cities of Phoenicia. Did you know that Byblos is directly related to the development of Phoenicia alphabet. Even the English term ‘bible’ is derived from this city which was an important port back then, importing papyrus. However now you will find that the city had transformed into one of the glass-building-skyscraper-town. Yet you can still visit this city for its dynamic architecture and temples.

India is known for the ancient civilization and religion. This spiritual nation is the mother of one of the oldest city and not just any city but a holy city, Varanasi. This city is located on the banks of the holy River Ganga. It is said that this city was established by Lord Shiva and ages back to 12BC. This place is divine destination where you will find pilgrims and poets. This city has produced many poets, writers and musicians. The city is also famous for its fabrics, wooden toys and crafts, sculptures and ivory.

If Varanasi is the holy city of India, then city of palm trees is Jericho. This city is quite small and holds a population of about 20000 people. This city is located right in the heart of Palestine and therefore an ideal place for trade. This city was originally destroyed by the Romans, but then it was rebuild by the Byzantines and sadly, destroyed again. And since then it was deserted until the 20th century.