Attractive airports around the world

Attractive airports
One thing that we all hate when at an airports is to wait. Delays in flights can be every annoying and boring. It can actually suck out the good traveling vibe. But then even on an airport you can pass time by viewing its surroundings. Not all airports have good surroundings. However if you are in either of the following airports and your flight is delayed then here is how you can pass time.

If ever waiting for your flight on the Heathrow airport, England, take a nap in the mini resting rooms. This place is good for people who find it difficult to sleep on a plane. You can book these rooms from a couple of hours to the whole day. These resting rooms are right before the security checkpoint. Every resting room offers you a shower and bathroom. Some resting rooms are also available post security area where you will have single or double bed.

And if in Germany’s Munich International airport, you will not fall short of beer. This is the only airport that offers aviator beers and jetstream. They also have a beer garden where you can munch on some traditional Bavarian treats like white sausages and pretzel or roast pork and beer. You will find this beer pub on the third level.

Now who would have thought of ever golfing for passing time on an airport? Hong Kong International airport, China offers you a 9 hole course near terminal 2. It is the Sky City Nine Eagles Golf Course where you can play for night and day with the help of instructors as well. They even have an artificial lake in the middle of the island. The Dubai International airport, United Arab Emirates offers you with Zen gardens. You will find these gardens on terminal 3. These gardens include lush green palms, pines and other species of plants. And if you stay there for more than three hours you are most likely to get a free meal in the Safar Resturant, while terminal 2 has sleeping cubes where you can take nap.

Canada has Vancouver International airport that offers you an aquarium. They have two large aquariums which is full of amazing sea creatures. The aquarium is said to be 30,000 gallon while 5,000 is the number of species that you will find in this aquarium. You will find this aquarium on the fourth level and third level. So next time when your flight is delayed on these airports you know how to kill, rather spend time.