Baddie Winkle Visited World’s Most Favourite Destinations

NEW York, Tokyo, Las Vegas – and Edinburgh – are among the world’s most desirable travel destinations, according to an international survey.
Researchers polled 8,400 adults across 28 countries to explore their travel aspirations and found the Scottish capital to be among the most coveted cities.
Instagram star, Baddie Winkle who is doing a world tour accompanied by her great-granddaughter, Kennedy
Cities such as London, Paris and Dubai also featured in the top 40.
Amid this, The Ritz in Paris, The Plaza in New York and Burj Al Arab Jumeriah in Dubai are among the hotels those polled would most like to spend a night.
Eighty-seven per cent of those polled have a travel wish list and 22 per cent would be willing to pay in excess of £10,000 to cross everything off it. commissioned the research to celebrate Instagram star, Baddie Winkle’s #BadAssBucketList Tour of the world, which she is doing accompanied by her great-granddaughter, Kennedy.
Look out Meghan! Baddie Winkle meets a Prince Harry look-a-like
This comes after it emerged 30 per cent of those polled would most like to share their travel experiences with their parents and grandparents.
Isabelle Pinson, Vice President, EMEA at, said: “This new trend of millennials looking to their out-there elders for travel inspiration is fascinating.

“We want to encourage everyone to start their bucket list adventures, but if you need advice make sure you check in with your glam-ma first!”
When it comes to activities holidaymakers would like to do during their travels, visiting the Statue of Liberty, touching the Niagara Falls and going up the Eiffel Tower are among the most popular
Trying local street food, moving abroad for a year to work or study and having a selfie at the top of a mountain are also among the things those polled would like to do.

Other desirable activities include visiting the Great Pyramid of Giza, going on an African safari and trekking the amazon jungle.
1. New York

2. Tokyo

3. Las Vegas

4. Paris

5. London

6. Dubai

7. Sydney

8. Niagara Falls

9. Rome

10. Rio de Janeiro

11. San Francisco

12. Venice

13. Bali

14. Barcelona

15. Hong Kong

16. Havana

17. Amsterdam

18. Orlando

19. Vancouver

20. Melbourne

21. Prague

22. New Orleans

23. Toronto

24. Bangkok

25. Dublin

26. Mexico City

27. Beijing

28. Vietnam

29. Milan

30. Cancun

31. Stockholm

32. Buenos Aires

33. Cape Town

34. Phuket

35. Copenhagen

36. Montreal

37. Auckland

38. Edinburgh

39. Budapest

40. Cambodia

During her #BadAssBucketList Tour, Baddie Winkle will take in some of the top travelling experiences and destinations, including rooftop cocktail making in New York, samba dancing in Brazil and seeing performances at the Moulin Rouge in Paris.
Her experiences can be followed through her Instagram account and the social channels, including Instagram and Facebook.
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