Best Family travel destinations

1. Prague, Czech Republic

Just because you have kids, it doesn’t mean you have to kiss your city-break days goodbye. It’s compact enough to get around easily, either walking or by tram, which is always a kid-pleasing way to travel. The architecture feels like a fairy tale, there’s a castle perched on a hill, and the atmosphere of the Old Town Square and Charles Bridge are electrifying. Take the funicular up Petrin Hill to find an observation tower and fantastic vintage hall of mirrors. Plus, if anyone’s flagging and you need a handy bribe, wooden toys are on sale everywhere

2. Lapland, Finland
Lapland in winter is like something sprung from a story book. Not only is this where Father Christmas actually, truly, honestly lives, but you can take sleighs pulled by dogs, ski, cheer on reindeer races on frozen lakes, go ice-fishing or snowmobile through forests. The long, polar nights from October to March offer the chance to view the stunning aurora borealis (northern lights), while in summer, you can explore the glorious national parks in endless daylight (the midnight sun brings continuous daylight from June to August) and raft down whitewater rivers.

3. Kerala, india
The chaos, colour and brilliance of India makes it a thrilling choice for family travel. Elephants, palaces, castles, trains, beaches, jungles and wildlife parks are all ingredients to help keep everyone in the family happy. The intensity of travel in India could put you off taking a trip here with family, but Kerala is a family-friendly version: more laid-back than other regions, greener, slower paced: even the food is less spicy and sweetened with coconut milk. There are also lots of national parks for elephant spotting, palm-fringed beaches and boat trips along the lush canals of the backwaters.