Best Medieval Era Castles All Fairy Tale Lovers Must Visit

Fairy tales have been an essential part of all cultures since time immemorial. We have grown up on the staple diet of fascinating stories about huge impenetrable castles, beautiful princesses, fairies, epic battles, valiant warriors and so on. Many of us may have dreamed about being locked up in a tower or assisting the prince in waging great battles but, all our fantasies remain limited to just the Disney movies today.

The next time you decide to take a vacation, revisit these childhood fairy tale memories by travelling to these medieval castle destinations.

Malbork Castle, Poland


Ever wondered where the biggest castle in the world is? The Marlbork Castle in Poland is considered to be the largest castle over the globe and once belonged to the Teutonic Order, which was a christian religious group of knights. This red bricked monument boasts of Gothic, architectural excellence and medieval war memories as it incurred some damage during the world war.

Egeskov Castle, Denmark

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Around 400 years old, this castle is said to be one of the best preserved moat castles in the European region. This castle was built on a foundation of oak wood and the name ‘egeskov’ means ‘oak forest’, which was what the foundation was believed to be build of. Apart from being such an idyllic visual treat, this castle hosts Titania’s Palace which is very well one of the excellent doll houses in Europe, in addition to the fact that it took 15 years for the doll house’s completion. Definitely worth the visit!

Himeji Castle, Japan


This castle is popularly known throughout Japan for being one of the twelve original castles and has never been destroyed by any war or natural calamity. The best time to visit this castle would be during Japan’s cherry blossom season as this castles gets transformed into a riot of pink with white elegant walls as its background. Its labyrinth like entrance and the decreasing size of each level give it a mysterious yet enticing air, thus making the castle even more attractive to the tourists.

Tintagel Castle, England


This castle is the delight of all those mythical mystery lovers out there. Located just off the sea coast in southern Britain, this castle is believed to be the birth place of the great King Arthur. Today this belongs to Prince Charles and hosts throngs of visitors, eager to delve into its ancient, exciting past.

Pack your bags and go on a trip to the medieval ages with this right-out-of-a-fairy tale Castles!