Best of all oceanfront hotels

oceanfront hotels
Who would say no to a beautiful, glistering and spectacular oceanfront hotel? Yes, it could be a little expensive but then it is worth the stay. Spending your vacation near by an ocean side is beyond any description. Now can you imagine the luxury and the utter bliss of staying in an oceanfront hotel. Here is a list of few oceanfront hotels that you should visit at least once in your lifetime.

What has Mexico to offer besides its variety of corn cuisine? Thats right, an oceanfront hotel. Between Playa del Carmen and Tulum, you will find the Xpu Ha beach. And on this beach you will find the crowning Al Cielo resort. The rooms are rustic and each room is named after an element. The rooms may appear extremely rural but the moment you enter it is like entering the Ginnie’s lamp. They offer you king size beds with air conditioners and the so called hut is just 100 feet away from the white sand beach. And just so you know ‘Al Cielo’ means to heave. Now that is so true.

Indonesia needs no introduction. But the Bintan islands do. Not many people are aware of it but it is one of the best oceanfront hotels you can ever visit. The island holds rainforest and swimming pool which some feel useless as you have the deep blue sea right in front of you. The moment you step in the ocean you will find coral reefs. Now that is worth, isn’t it?

If Indonesia is the queen of oceanfront hotels, then Thailand is the kind. Thailand is famous for Phi Phi Island Village Beach. It is a four restaurant, three bars, one majestic swimming pool and a spa is what the Phi Phi Island Village Beach offers you. The rooms here are just three steps to the sand and not really far off from the water. Bahamas is also a great place to have some beach time. On the Fernandez Bay you will find Island HoppInn. Unlike many resorts, Island HoppInn does not have a pool although they offer you only four rooms. The rooms are very trendy and quite city like. They will provide you with air conditioners, Internet access and much more.

Speaking of oceanfront and leaving on Hawaii? Not a chance! Hawaii does not have fancy oceanfront hotels, but it does have a decent Napili Sunset Resort. It is two story building from where you will get the best marine view ever. A peek out of the window and you will see flipping dolphins and even whales at times. So what luxury oceanfront hotel you liked?