Best US Cities To Travel To On A Budget

If you’re looking to save on your family vacation this summer, these cities may fit the bill.

Personal finance website WalletHub compiled a ranking of the top cities to travel to this summer based on several metrics.

One of those indicators — lowest travel costs and fewest hassles — ranked cities with the cheapest flights, least time to get there and fewest connections.

Here are the metropolitan areas that are the most affordable when it comes to travel costs.

5. Kansas City

4. Minneapolis

3. Dallas

2. Detroit

1. Cincinnati

WalletHub also evaluated the cities that offer the lowest prices once you get there, including cost of living, the average price for a meal for two and the lowest rate for a three-star hotel room.

Here are the cities that have the cheapest local costs.

5. Little Rock, Arkansas

4. McAllen, Texas

3. Albuquerque, New Mexico

2. Knoxville, Tennessee

1. Oklahoma City