Cloak-and-dagger of the Disneyland

Disneyland is a place that every person wants to visit at least once in his lifetime. Disneyland is a place where you will find the old and the young, together. But to enjoy any of the places on this planet you need to have some basic idea of it. Don’t you think that can enjoy the fullest if you know the hidden secrets of the place that you are about to visit? To make your experience at Disneyland a happy and memorable one, here are few facts that you barely know about Disneyland.

When you walk across the fie station on the Main Street you will find that the light there never runs out. This was Walt Disney’s apartment and when he was there, he used to always leave the light on so that his workers would believe that Walt Disney is still in the park. And now, after his death, that light is still left on just to show that Walt Disney will always be around. And the light is only turned off when his daughters are in the park. The fastest spinning ride is the Mad Hatter’s ride. And it is the lavender colored tea cup that spins the fastest.

When in Disneyland you need to keep your eyes and ears open. Throughout the park you will hear sound effects that sets the scene. If you want to sip some alcohol in Disneyland, make your way to Club 33. This is the only place in Disneyland that sells alcohol but then the waiting list is around 10 years. This means that you will have to pay a membership of $25,000-$10,000 per year after that. Throughout the year, Disneyland smells of vanilla except for Christmas when it smells of peppermint.

Also when you will be waiting in the queue for Snow White’s Scary Adventure, just rub the brass apple which is right above the spell book. The moment you rub it you will hear a thunder crack and the Evil witch laughing. Few of the tombstones in the haunted mansion are said to be real. It is the grave of the people who helped in establishing Disneyland.

When in Indian Jones, you will find many signs saying do not pull and so on. To get the best of experience, make sure you do the opposite. Yes thats right. Do the opposite of what the sign is saying and you will be amazed. Disneyland is full of such amazing secrets, all you have to do is stay alert and you have fun to the fullest.