Did you visit your made over neighborhood?

Naka Meguro
Some neighborhood change over time. While some go through a makeover. Rather than a changed neighborhood, people are more interested in a neighborhood that has been altered or has gone through a make over. Such places hold a tourist attraction. So here is a list of few neighborhood that have undergone a good make over and that you should probably add to your bucket list.

Shoreditch, London is a place that you would probably want to begin your make over neighborhood hunt. This part of London was known to be the powerhouse of gangs and low lives. Drug dealing was done on a large scale here. But then now it has turned into a home for the poor and the working class. Also this place has now become the city’s trendiest destination. It is lined with fancy bars and small museums.

Tokyo’s Naka Meguro was once an ideal riverside location which has now turned into a major hub full of artists and designers. Quirky bookshops and custom fashion houses is what you will get to see on this once quite riverside location. Williamsburg is same like Naka Meguro. This Brooklyn area once had low living costs with New York’s artists and designers flaunting their art on the street. But now this neighborhood has changed completely. Now you will find luxurious apartments, shopping stores, contemporary art studios is what you will see now.

Newtown was the whites area of Johannesburg but the Johannesburg’s Central Business District was then made open for all the inhabitants. This is one of the few places that South Africa is truly proud of. They have improved the public transport facility along with declaring it as a heritage sight, the streets have been altered with modern architecture.

The only place in Israel where you will find the combination of old and new is Florentin. More of this place is deserted yet you will find visitors coming. Now what you get to see is state of the art apartments and the isolated building. You will be delighted with the Israeli cuisine that the restaurants have to offer here. Every neighborhood alters. All you have to do is have an eye for it.