Do you know these places? Then you must visit them

We all want to see the world. We all want to explore. But with not much time and shortage of money, it is not possible. And also if asked where do you want to go? People in general would end up saying that their favorite destination is Paris, London, New York and so on. But then exploring the unknown places has more fun than exploring the seen and known places.

Bahamas is beautiful. No doubt in that. But did you know that you would also find the deepest underwater cave in Bahamas? It is 202 meters and diving at Dean’s Blue Hole will be a lifetime experience. Greece is no one a spectacular country but if you get a chance to visit this gorgeous country, make sure that you visit the Melissani Cave. According to the Greek mythology, this cave was of the nymphs.

Malaysia is quite a unique place to visit. Yes it is pretty hot but it has one of the best hill stations. The temperature at Cameron Highlands is maximum 10-20 degree Celsius. So you can have a cool stay here. Laos has an unknown place called Luang Prabang. This place is nothing like a normal regular world. This is also listed in the UNESCO world heritage site as it is a protected land. The moment you set your foot on this land you will find bright beautiful colors all over and monks.

It took nearly 33 years to built the Las Lajas Sanctuary, Colombia. This is one of the best places to visit as it is a hidden treasure of Colombia. A rich and vast country like China also has a hidden treasure. Almost everything in China is historical. Suzhou is 2500 years old. Through this magnificent city you can boat ride and witness its incredible architecture.

Cuba is one of the best vacation spot. And it will be more fun and fascinating when you will visit Saturno Cave. This cave holds sky blue and crystal clear water. The formation of rocks here is superb. A visit to Saturno cave is a must. The National Park of Argentina, Los Glaciares is another UNESCO world heritage site. This place is known for its wildlife and natural glaciers. So get all prep up to explore the unexplored places around the globe.