Drunk yourself in Lakshadweep

Known as the smallest union territory of India, Lakshadweep is 32sqkm stretch. This island is surrounded by 4,200sqkm of lagoon rich marine life. The water here is crystal clear with three reefs and one of the best places to explore the aquatic life. So if you are ever on this tropical island add these things to your bucket list without fail.

In the year 1847, an accumulation of coral debris occurred. The reason for its occurrence is due to violent storms on the Kalpeni island. The two small islets that you will find along the Kalpeni are Tilakkam and Pitti. These two islets are abandoned from Cheriyam and therefore form a single atoll. Since Lakshadweep is an island, pretty obvious there will be sea diving. You can witness the live marine life of Lakshadweep islands by scuba diving, snorkeling or even by navigating in glass bottomed boats. You will see a wide variety of fishes and aquatic life right from flying fishes, sharks, crabs, turtles and octopus.

If you are into water sports you can do rafting, kayaking and canoing on the island. You will love rafting along the clean waters of Lakshadweep. It will be a memorable experience. On this island you will find a distinct culture. Women usually wear a necklace around the neck. This necklace is called as Urukku. The jewelery of women out here is simply elegant and beautiful.

The transportation facility from Lakshadweep to Kochi and other islands is very flexible. You can easily migrate from one place to other with the help of the colorful tiny boats. Similar boats are used for sea fishing as well. Since there is water and only water everywhere, you will find that this island also has an aquarium. This aquarium is famous for the carnivore whale which weighs about 50 tonnes and is in 20m length. The skeleton of this whale is still lying in the aquarium for ages now. It was found dead on the reef of Kadamant island and since then it has been in the Karavatti aquarium. They also have some rare species of fishes preserved in bottle jars.