Visit Egypt to see Pyramids and taste delicious food – experience Nile cruise and historical monuments

You can just imagine the travel scopes of Egypt in your dreams because this is the country or land piece where the first civilization of the world has evolved. No doubt, everyone knows about this country for the great pyramids, the Nile and minarets which cover the land with beauty and style in words and passion which cannot be described. However, there are many more things to do and enjoy so that your vacation becomes more experimental and relaxed. No one really needs introduction about Egypt but you will get here some of the top reasons why this country can be an idle choice for the next vacation or your family trip.



Do you love pyramids? Feel the pleasure!

Known as the wonder of the world, pyramids plateau is located here that will give you a different glimpse of human civilization and history. So, what will you get here? Well, you can easily fall in love with the Sphinx, holy summits, royal tombs, museums, mosques, ancient temples and vast necropolis.

The Nile

You will know exactly why the Nile is so called the lifeline of Egyptian civilization when you board on the Nile cruise which takes you to look at scenic beauties, significance of this Holy River and huge fish pot for the local catchers. On the other hand, you can also enjoy other entertainment options on the cruise which comprise of belly dancers, clubs, restaurants, folk music and sun sight.

Go for amazing sandboarding!

Desert campaign will be highly interesting and enjoyable for adventurers. Yes, you can slide on the sand domes with wood blades or pieces without getting hurt like snowboarding activities.

Fashion accessories

Egypt does not boast of any fashion or style sensed-population however; visitors often like to shop the local marketplace for amazingly styled Middle-Eastern jewelry and costumes. When it comes to boutique collection and shopping, you cannot leave Egypt without visiting Lalloushi, Mounaya, Villa Babushka and Hip Boutique.

Beautiful and grasping sightseeing pieces

There is possibly the longest list of sightseeing spots and places in Egypt as compared to other countries located in Africa and Middle East. Yes, you can kick start your trip with Cairo where you will find excellent combination of modern and traditional culture in the forms of pyramids, Sakkara, Museum and Nile Cruises. Some of the other cities where you can look for some of the great world surprises such as Sharm El Sheikh, Alexandria, Aswan, Luxor and Hurghada.

Food and atmosphere

Well, pizzas and pastas do not get their positions in the Egyptian cuisine but you can really try some sort of tasty and most delicious food stuffs here. Yes, you will simply love to fill your appetite with Sambousak, Rice pudding, kebab, koshary and molokheya that are simply mouth-watering in taste and fragrance.


Hospitality in Egypt is so intense that you will love to visit this country in the entire Middle East and African region because of its affordable and easily accessible transportation network. People of this country are extremely welcoming and will treat you like friends.