Every backpackers party stay

Every backpackers has the ultimate and the biggest question when he sets out to travel and that is ‘where do I stay?’ A decent place to crash in for a night is a very hectic tasks for a backpacker. Backpackers travel light and cheap. They do not carry piles of money with them. And that is why they have this supreme question of where to spend the night. Since they travel on a very low budget, they cannot afford a five star hotel or a not so fancy motel. Eventually they land in hostels. Hostels are loved by backpackers. Its is their home. The stranger are their friends. And when friends are around, a party is bound to happen.

The X Hostel is a giant party house of Bulgaria. All that is known of this place is that one is for sure to get a hangover if decided to crash in here for the night. Sadly, not much is known on the sleeping arrangements because no one really sleeps here. It is said that it is a tradition to get a X tattoo before leaving the hostel.

If you are in Portugal, then you must visit The Rising Cock hostel. This place is all about location, eating and partying. Situated near beach with breakfast buffet and beer throwing out vending machine, this place is a must for every backpacker. Just as much fun it may sound, The Rising Cock is eco friendly as well. They offer recycling programs, solar water heating showers, and sensor lights.

What may appear for some is an isolated building, Retox, is another gigantic party house in Hungary. Retox is famous for social event. It is the place where you will end up making tons of friends. Land of kangaroos offers you, the Magnetic Island. When it comes to party, the Aussies know it well. The world’s best party hostels you will find in Australia. The complete feel of The Beach is what you will feel here. They offer you live music and good food as well. A night party on a full moon is what they are famous for.

Now this may come as a big surprise, but if you are a backpacker slash party animal then you have to visit Friendly Fun Frank’s at Latvia. You will find a 24 hour sports bar that will lure you with its 4 different plasma wherein you can watch football. Did you know that the doors at this hostel are never locked? So where are you heading out to?