Fall Travel Destinations You Must Visit Sometime

School might be back in session, however that doesn’t mean the adults can’t play hooky — and the Travel Channel get-away specialists have some awesome proposals for unwinding pre-winter travel. The rundown ranges from off-season shoreline towns to Oktoberfest-cheerful urban communities. What’s more, it gives a gesture to enchanting Mill Valley, one of our most loved Bay Area spots.


The Travel Channel people propose guests look at Muir Woods and the town’s boutiques and “top notch food.” (They didn’t determine, yet we will: Check out Playa, individuals, the cool, contemporary, indoor-outside Mexican eatery that opened a year ago, and Sammy Hagar’s El Paseo. They’re both phenomenal goal eateries.)

Here’s the Travel Channel list. Discover more subtle elements and travel thoughts at www.travelchannel.com.

Bare Head Island, North Carolina

Katy Trail, Missouri

Cape May, New Jersey

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Leavenworth, Washington

Boston, Massachusetts

Mackinac Island, Michigan

Plant Valley

San Antonio, Texas

Sedona, Arizona